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Company Philosophy

Hansen Landscape takes prides in providing consistent customer satisfaction. "Our (12) years running Diamond Certified Award indicates our sincere desire to please our clients." We deliver on our promises and stand behind our work 100 percent. Our integrity, attention to detail and dedication to customer care have rightly earned us a reputation as "The Ones you can Recommend.

What I think about working with Hansen Landscape

"First of all, I appreciate on considered my opinion in regards of what i think about working in the company. Well i would like to say that working here feels like someone its appreciated and recognized. Working for Hansen has increased my skills and my knowledge in different areas of the trade and its always a pleasure working with everybody around. Even though landscaping could be labor intensive everyone its helpful, approachable and respectful. That makes me enjoy my day to day."


"As I close in on my first full year, I can truly say that it has been an honor and a privilege to work for Hansen Landscaping. To be involved with a company that not only puts out a great product but strives to run all facets of their business 'the right way', I often find myself rewarded with a rich feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after a long day. To be sure, you will work and work hard at this job. But, from the support and care that starts with the owner, Steve, and the professionalism and camaraderie amongst the work crews, this is a fantastic job to begin and grow your career in landscaping. I cannot recommend Hansen Landscaping highly enough!"


"Hansen landscape is a great place to work and learn. New employees can expect to be treated fairly and with respect as well as have their hard work rewarded with opportunities to learn an in demand trade under our expert staff and advance within the company. Hansen also rewards its employees with some very generous perks including; two weeks paid vacation, health coverage, and a heat pay bonus on exceptionally warm days that make the hard work and labor worth it."



Our company offers a comprehensive service in all aspects of custom residential or commercial landscaping. Our skilled team has the horticultural and landscape construction skills and experience to carry out major projects. Our professional management team will work with you to get beautiful results. Our service is efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.

Our landscaping specialties include:


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