Oct 8, 2015

Mr. Hansen,

The project completed today and it is fantastic. I am very pleased with everything -- not the least of which was the patience Louis had with all my questions and concerns. From the new paver walkways and court yard, to the design of the yard, to the plants (which I left to Louis's discretion) were exactly to my dream of a perfect new look for the front of my house.

I should also mention that you should be very proud of the "crew" that worked so very hard to make my yard look so great. They worked hard in both extremely hot days (during the demo process) and also one day in the rain while constructing the new paver walkways and court yard. Everyone involved in making this project a huge success were friendly, knowledgeable, hardworking and very Hansen Landscape loyal.

Would I recommend your business again -- Absolutely. Will I use you again -- Absolutely. In fact, I signed the agreement today to have some work done in the back yard. Unfortunately I'm not able to afford to do as extensive a project as done in the front but the plan is to make a start and possibly do more as time goes on. I have also arranged to use your gardeners to maintain the yard.


Oct 6, 2015


Thanks for your follow up email. I am eminently satisfied with the work your guys did. They were courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. They graciously took our comments and suggestions and incorporated them in the project. We very much like both the product and the process.


Sept 16, 2015

My husband and I recently completed a project to re-landscape our front yard, including replacements of lawn, driveway, and walkway. When we started I knew what I wanted to accomplish in general, but I wasn’t really sure how to get there. So we met with Steve at his show yard in Castro Valley. He listened to our high level goals, then showed us various landscape ideas and options, both in his show yard and in his book of past projects. We liked what we saw, so we invited him to our home so he could provide us with a specific design for our front yard.

When Steve came by, we spoke at length about what we wanted to accomplish, about our tastes in design, and about our priorities. About a week later, Steve sent us a landscape design with which I immediately fell in love. I was truly amazed at what Steve was able to discern from our discussions. He figured out exactly the landscape elements that would appeal to us (some of which I never would have thought of myself) and how to make them all work together in a balanced and beautiful landscape design. I’m so glad we had Steve do this work for us. Even though I’ve done most of the interior design work in our home and designed much of our backyard landscape, there is no way in the world I could have come up with anything as unique and beautiful or that I liked anywhere near as well as Steve’s design for our front yard.

Bottom line is I highly recommend Steve’s landscape design work. His design has resulted in a unique and beautiful front yard that has our family, friends, and neighbors constantly expressing admiration. My husband’s only requirement for this work was that I be happy when the project was done. Well, mission accomplished, I’m ecstatic!


Sept 14, 2015

Sept 14, 2015

To: Hansen Landscape

When I called your company out of the phone book we didn't know what to expect when your employee came to our home for an estimate. He was so professional and so informative that we were very impressed!...But wait...it got Better!

Your crew showed up on time, your foreman came to us and advised us of what would be involved in the job to progess to completion...as the day progressed he made sure he informed us of all procedures, always finishing with "Do you have any quetions?" At the end of the day one of your employees to a blower and walked down the street cleaning all the cars in a one block area! Unbelievable!

It was a complete pleasure doing business with your firm and we would highly recommend your organization to everyone!...Renews my fath in "the American Way"


August 24, 2015

Hi Steve!

We are really happy with our new walkway and brick step! It turned out even better than we had imagined. The washed concrete with brick ribbons was a great choice and the design works well with the rest of the yard. Pedro did a great job with the washed concrete construction and set up the step at just the right height for Mark to complete the brick work beautifully. I had mentioned to you that one of our objectives was to make the entry senior friendly and we feel it really meets that goal besides being beautiful.

It was definitely worth the wait. We have had a lot of positive feedback from neighbors.

My thanks to Jack also for making sure everything ran smoothly and finished in a timely manner and patiently answered all my questions.

I am now working on the fun part of finishing the landscaping and will send a picture when it is completed. If I run into a problem that I need help with I will be sure to give you a call - your subcontractors have all proven to be very competent.

Thank you so much!

Rodney and Terry
Castro Valley

August 22, 2015

Thank you, Steve!

We are very pleased. From our first meeting with Louis to the crew that finished the landscape project, we were very impressed! Louis was so cooperative, took my requests into consideration, and did a fantastic job laying out the plan and choosing the plants. The crew was very attentive and cleaned up after the job was completed (even sweeping the street!!). We told them we were very pleased and appreciated their commitment to doing a fine job.

Please extend our compliments to Louis and the crew. You have some great employees, Steve.

Sam and Roxanne

August 10, 2015

Hi Steve,

We are absolutely pleased with the job Louis and crew did. We enjoyed talking and working with them, so polite and hard working. Would definitely refer your company. The yard looks so much cleaner and interesting.

Thanks for a job very well done.


August 3, 2015

Hi Steve,

Everything is moving along nicely.   Plants are going in now and Artemio thinks he should be done tomorrow.

Your crew is excellent to work with.


August 1, 2015

The project turned out very beautiful. Your crew is so nice to work with. Very easy and enjoyable. Will always recommend your company.

Thanks for checking in with me. 


July 24, 2015

Steve -- Every single human being with whom I interacted during this project was a joy to work with:

  • We only saw Artemio and his team for the one day that they did the landscape demo. It was a miserably hot day; nevertheless, the guys got the demo done and the area was left tidy at the end of the day.
  • Pedro and his team did a beautiful job on the concrete and grouted flagstone. I saw a lot of those folks over many days, and to a man they were professional and accommodating. The day of the concrete pour, I wanted to capture my grandsons' hand prints. Obviously, there were a million things all going on at once, but Pedro made sure to let me know the optimal time to capture the boys' hand prints. He and his team were then very careful not to mar the hand prints in any way. During the time that Pedro and his team were working here, I had only a couple concerns, and those concerns were addressed quickly and with no fuss.
  • I also saw a lot of Hugo, Raul, and Austin over many days as they completed our front yard landscape. Again they were professional and accommodating, but also something a little more. It was clear they really wanted me to be thrilled with the finished product. It was clear they cared. I actually had tears in my eyes yesterday looking at our new front yard. I've been thinking about doing this for 20 of the 38 years that I've lived here, and the finished product meets every one of my expectations. Thank you for sending this team of men to do this work for me.
  • Finally, Jack. As an engineer, I've done a lot of project management jobs myself. So I know what good project management looks like. Unfortunately, I also know what bad project management looks like, and I'm not above taking over when I'm unsatisfied (much to the horror of the contractor involved). I felt no such need with this project. Jack handled every idea or concern I had promptly and clearly, and I never was left guessing what was coming next. Great job.
  • Bottom line is that I'm thrilled with how the project progressed and with the finished product. Thank you so much. A project like this is obviously a work of art as much as work of labor. Based on your design, Pedro, Pedro's team, Hugo, Raul, Austin, and Jack gave me a piece of landscape art. And I'm loving it.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.



July 16, 2015

Hi Jack,

You guys this is looking so fantastic already after just day 1!

I had a mental image in my head of what this would look like, and some idea from the small wall at the showyard, but it looks even more fantastic in person. I know there is still a lot of work to do, but just wanted to let you all know how much I'm loving it already!

Castro Valley

June 26, 2015

Good morning to you, Steve,

Thanks for the follow up, appreciate it.  Yes, very pleased with the project outcome.  I am happy!

Louis has been exceptional from the start - stepping me through options, answering many questions, scheduling the project, and follow up afterward. Also, he was able to accommodate my scheduling preference and My Gardener service started yesterday (yea!).

All the way, the Hansen crew - Manual, Justin, Travis, Tina - is the best.  Excellent work always shows up when people like what they are doing and care about a job well done.  It begins at the top.

Thanks, again, Steve.  Have a good holiday.

Castro Valley

June 26, 2015

Hi Steve,

As usual, your folks did a great job.  I'm very pleased.  Many of my neighbors have noticed the activity and have stopped by to get your info.  I've received many positive comments about the last project you did for me in my front yard.  With that and what I'm telling the folks about my backyard, hopefully more business will come your way.

San Jose

June 24, 2015

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out to me.

*Louis's communication was A+ good, something I've found exceedingly rare in the construction business. Typically, I'm the one waiting on the contractors, but in this case, Louis was waiting on my response for the most part.
*You guys were FAST.
*The worksmanship appears to be very good. In particular, I'd like to commend your carpenter for constructing the planter box. The corrugated metal was installed so well, I couldn't find any seams, even in close inspection.
*Louis successfully upsold me on some lights, something I didn't really consider much before, but thinking about it, returning home at night, lights on a timer would be welcome.

All in all, I was extremely happy with your employees. I turned down a lower bid on a bet that your company would be much more responsive and attentive. And you've exceeded my expectations. It truly is a breath of fresh air working with people that understands communication is extremely important.

Hopefully I'll talk to you in a year or two when we do our backyard!


June 22, 2015

Hi Steve,

The crew working both Thursday and Friday were a great group of people.  They are a group of workers that never stopped, except for breaks and lunch. The project is coming along nicely.  It will be finished next Thursday morning.  It looks great already and gave us the curb appeal we wanted and reduced our watering program.  All the things, I asked for in this project.

Castro Valley

June 16, 2015

Hi Steve,

The cleanup went very smoothly, and the crew were on time (early, in fact) and took care of things very efficiently.  They cut the hedge down a little more than a foot above the fence because the plants directly under the redwood tree were a bit shorter than that height, so now all the hedge is the same height. Both back and front yards look much more neat and tidy, and I'm sure Steve will be happy when he takes the green bin up from the back tomorrow evening and doesn't have to wrestle it past the rock roses.

It all looks much more neat and tidy.

Thanks for checking in.
San Mateo

June 8, 2015

Good Sunday Steve,

Better than I ever expected. The light show in the evening was glorious. Best yet that the show comes on every evening. The plant selection and the container plant colors are fantastic. Tomorrow the plumber will installing the faucet as per your recommendation and I already bought the expanding garden hose at BB and B. Very happy with everything. I also have a handle on the drip system which is quite simple.


May 22, 2015

Hi Steve!

I'm very happy with the project and the leadership Louis provided. The men on the job were so hardworking and professional. When I talked to Louis about a follow-up trimming and bush removal, he gave me the info I needed and I heard from Jack the following day. That project was accomplished this past Monday. All is well here and I'm getting compliments from everyone who sees my front yard.

Thanks to all for a job well done.

Castro Valley

May 21, 2015

It has been great! The guys did a tremendous job and Louis has been a great help. Every time there was a question or issue Louis was quick to respond and able to fix it in a timely manner. I am more than satisfied with the work you have done.



May 16, 2015


The work completed is great and the crew equally fabulous! Your guys were true professionals and consistently went over and above (bringing my cushions in when it rained and bringing my trash cans in, just to name a couple). From my consult with Steve to my communication with you and the rest of team members, the experience has been wonderful! I will definitely come back for future projects and recommend your services to others.

Castro Valley

May 6, 2015

Hi Steve,

We're extremely happy with the landscaping! We love how everything came together and have gotten a lot of compliments on it already. We enjoyed every step of the process and love the results. Thank you!


Apr 4, 2015

We are _so_ thrilled with the yard. As is the whole neighborhood. You're the talk of the street:
- "I just love your yard!"
- "Your new yard looks so beautiful!"
- "With the new drought restrictions, you timed that perfectly."

And an exchange from just ten minutes ago:
Them: "We should do something like this for our yard."
Zig: "Well, I know a guy..." (grins and nods head toward the Hansen sign)
Them: "Yeah the same folks everyone around here uses."
So there you go. You're famous. (I'm sure the sign down on Redwood x Seven Hills helps with that.)

The plants are as lovely. So is the anticipation of dramatically lowered water consumption now that our state is down to less than one year of water reserves.

-- Z
Castro Valley

Mar 30, 2015

Hi Steve,

We are very happy with the work Hansen Landscape has completed! Our yard looks beautiful and is finally how we hoped it would be.

The team was very pleasant to work with and easy to have around my kids (who kept trying to interrupt them with basketball by the way...) they were political, efficient, clean, and had great attitudes!

We've been especially pleased to work with Louis. He remained flexible with our changing needs, incredibly prompt, honest about timing and costs, and we have been continually impressed by his depth and breadth of horticulture knowledge from plant identification to appropriate selection and availability of them as well.

We'd be happy to recommend Hansen Landscape to friends and family. And would strongly consider using your company again for future landscaping projects.

All the best,

Steve & Bridget
Castro Valley

Mar 29, 2015

FANTASTIC!!!! Love the waterfall.

Let me know when I should have your guys start doing my maintenence


San Ramon

Mar 27, 2015

Dear Steve,

I am writing you to let you know how happy I am that I worked with you and the design team to come up with a different take on my landscape design. As you know, I worked with a landscape architect to come up with the plans for my backyard. When I gave them to you to quote on the work you asked if you could propose a few changes. After seeing your show garden and looking at your changes, I knew I came to the right place. The patios and planting areas in the original plan were very "rectangular". Your plan with irregular shaped patios, various elevations and unique features really resonated with me. You even pointed out a couple of unnecessary items that saved me money on the project.

Thank you


Mar 21, 2015

Hi Steve,

I love the outcome of the landscaping.

I went with you and your crew because of the beautiful concrete put in my backyard many years ago.

Again, thanks for a successful completion of my project and I recommend you whenever I can.

Castro Valley

Mar 16, 2015

Hi Steve,

Everything is growing so nicely. Feel free to take photos if you ever need anything for your portfolio.

In addition I can speak more highly of your staff with your gardening service, if only everyone I deal with to work on our house good be so great. I wish you guys did fencing and structure work like arbors. We have now had two horrible experiences with such vendors.

It has been a pleasure working with your company and looking forward to our next quarterly service, received a call to set that up last week.

I will make sure to post a review on Yelp about your service in the near future.



Mar 5, 2015

Steve and Jack-

The guys are finishing up and the yard looks great! Artemio and his crew were wonderful. Their attention to detail helped make the project look finished. A special thanks to the two of you for the design work, planning and coordination.

Artemio was able to find the leak that has eluded discovery for sometime. He noticed a small area of the ground that was wet. I thought it was from the recent rains. It seems that there was a hole in the roof drain pipe that was underground. The leak in the main irrigation line was near the hole in the pipe. The water traveled to the hole in the drain pipe and came out of the drain across the yard. Mystery solved.


Doug and Jackie

Mar 2, 2015

Good morning, Steve,

Your employees were courteous and did the work in an efficient and neat manner. They did the excavations, connected the drain pipes, and leveled the ground after covering the pipes, and laid the stepping stones. We were pleased with the job.



Feb 28, 2015

Good morning, Steve,

Thanks for your email. I am so enjoying my new yard and have been watching the plants grow and thrive in their new home even while cautioning them that spring is not ACTUALLY here yet! It's a lovely space and I, again, thank you and your team for helping make it so.

I appreciate your checking in and if/when I decide to take on another yard project, Hansen Landscape is tops with me. I hope all is well with you and those at Hansen's. Thanks again, Steve.


Castro Valley

Feb 27, 2015

Hi Steve,

The side yard you did for us is beautiful and gets prettier every day.

We just sold the house and the real appealing area to the buyers was the backyard. I sent you a request for a pond cleaning and we will pay the flat fee for it before we leave. We will be handing over the keys on March 12th so I will call you next week to arrange for us to pay the fee and I will give you the names of the new owners.

Thanks again for your beautiful design and craftsmanship on our yard!

Best Regards,


Feb 27, 2015

Hi Steve,

I am amazed by how much your two guys did here at my place this morning in Pleasanton. They have made such a huge difference with the removal of shrubs and pruning of several trees. Now I'll get a lot more sunlight in my backyard for growing edibles! And the clean-up was immaculate too!

A huge thank you!! I'll wait for my invoice to come in the mail.

A happy customer,


Feb 27, 2015

Hi Steve,

I am amazed by how much your two guys did here at my place this morning in Pleasanton. They have made such a huge difference with the removal of shrubs and pruning of several trees. Now I'll get a lot more sunlight in my backyard for growing edibles! And the clean-up was immaculate too!

A huge thank you!! I'll wait for my invoice to come in the mail.

A happy customer,


Feb 27, 2015

My yard looks "GREAT"! it is the best looking yard in all the blocks around me,I love it everyday I look at it.Your guys did a great job with my design, thanks again!

Union City

Feb 19, 2015

Thank you Steve & Jack and everyone who worked on the yard.

The yard looks beautiful. In 18 years it has never been 100%.

Now all we need is a special plant accelerator where we can get 3 years growth in one month.

Just kidding, we'll be patient.

Jon and Melissa
Castro Valley

Feb 11, 2015

Hi Louis,

Hugo and Raul got here about 9am and finished everything up, including the bender board.

Since then, every time I'm outside, I'm being bombarded by neighbors with compliments for our front yard. I think I've talked with about 8 neighbors, just this one afternoon, including two who were thinking about redoing their front yards.

One neighbor, Phyllis on Woodbridge, a few blocks down on Tamayo, drove onto my driveway to talk to me about our front yard. I gave her, as I did with others, a good recommendation for Hansen; and she will be seeing you tomorrow at the showyard.
If Hansen has a referrals club, I should definitely be in it! Your sign is on the corner in front of the tree, and is highly visible to everyone coming by on Tamayo.

We are pleased with the results and so are our neighbors. Thanks for making a design on paper spring into life.

Best Regards,

Victor and Nancy

Dec 17, 2014


They were extremely professional. We paid for the $250 consultation, and I feel like we go our money's worth. Lots of great ideas, and realistic discussions about what we could do with our budget. We made a trip to their outdoor showyard where we could see some more ideas and options for materials.

We were set to go, but due to circumstances out of our control, our budget for the job disappeared. I am hoping that we have a chance to work with Hansen again in the future.


San Bruno

Dec 19, 2014


I can now use my back yard. All the concrete and rotten wood dividers are gone. A streamlined concrete slab with artistic concrete seams are framed by three shade trees and a balanced set of shrubs and flowers. I could have chosen the plants from their large demonstration garden in Castro Valley, but what I asked them to choose are the perfect solution with gardenia, lantana, magnolia, flowering cherry and crepe myrtle providing shade, fragrance, and beauty. Jack, the job foreman, even made a diagram of the plantings with the plant names, as requested

My ideas for my back yard were all wrong but Steve Hansen was the only contractor to respond promptly and he listened to everything I had to say first. The consultation fee was worth every dollar and the cost was deducted from the finished job. His standout trait is listening and communicating, making sure everything goes smoothly. The unknowns were handled smoothly, such as a slab edge three times too thick and a lot of concrete pillars and tree roots and gaps below the fence.

My finished landscape looks professional and meticulously thought out by Steve. As the job progressed I could tell he and his crew have many years experience with concrete, tree and plant choice and placement, drainage, balance, design and symmetry.


San Leandro

Dec 2, 2014


We are very happy with the work performed. Louis and crew were very professional and timely with their effort. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends/family. We also have a hillside project to get done in the future and Louis has already provided some solid ideas.


Castro Valley

Nov 24, 2014

Hi Steve,

Thanks for following up on our project. We were very pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to all the new blooms next spring. The only negative feedback I have at all is the weeds weren’t pulled, but it’s a small oversight and we can handle that. Otherwise, everything was just as we requested and it was done timely.

We worked with Louis on a previous project and he is a big reason we were confident in using Hansen again this time. On our last project, there was a minor issue and Louis handled it very professionally and quickly rectified it. He is also extremely responsive, knowledgeable and patient with all of our questions. He is definitely an asset to your company and we would certainly recommend Hansen Landscape to our neighbors.

Thanks, again,


Nov 24, 2014


Colleen and I are extremely happy how everything turned out!
We loved the guys who worked on the yard especially Robert and Martin! Of course they were the ones who spent most the time on the job.

Louis was also great, always giving updates and checking on the progress.

Everyone seemed to listen to our vision and they actually made it happen.

I'd recommend your company without hesitation!

Thanks again for a beautiful yard!!

Todd and Colleen

Nov 17, 2014


The problem was identified and corrected. The drain line was clogged with roots from a nearby vine that had entered and grown inside the pipe and a portion of the pipe was broken probably when I had a new fence installed earlier this year, the corner fence post being located directly above the buried drain pipe.

Manu is someone that I can talk to; he kept me well informed during the project and provided good advice about putting rock in the catch basins around the drains.



Nov 16, 2014


I am very pleased with the way the yard project turned out. It looks very nice. I expected this good outcome from the outset after having met you and learning about your standards and commitment to the job well done, and so, I was not surprised at the job very well done!

As you know, you have an extraordinary team. You are fortunate to have them - Peter, Jack and all those who were here. Please thank them for me. They all worked well together, each person seemed to really care about doing a good job and giving attention to the smaller details that always make such a difference.

I appreciate your working with me early on with the contract. All my concerns were addressed and everything was taken care of perfectly. Thank you.

Hansen Landscape was tops with me in 2005 with the first landscape project I had done and certainly remains tops in 2014! Thanks, Steve


Castro Valley

Nov 13, 2014


Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply to your earlier email.  Yes, we are very happy.  It looks great!  They have addressed any concerns we had in a timely manner.  Dealing with everyone has been very good.

They're waiting for an appropriate opportunity to get the polymer sand installed for the pavers, and I believe for the tile they've ordered for the front step.

I was grilling last evening, and the pavers and especially the light overhead made it much nicer.


Brian & Lauri

Nov 13, 2014

Hello Steve,

Louis and installers did an excellent job.  Louis is a good communicator and he did what he said he would do.  The installers worked very hard, as someone was there seeing their work as it progressed.  

Louis also handled a situation nicely with a neighbor's concern.

Thank you. 

Castro Valley

Nov 4, 2014

Honestly Steve, it was likely the best interaction with a contractor I've ever had, regardless of trade. Louis is awesome, your folks are hard workers that are also polite and friendly and your follow up is par none.

I hate how much I paid, but feel that I absolutely got value for my money. That said, I expect better discount on our next engagement. Customer loyalty and whatnot.

Castro Valley

Nov 2, 2014

Hello Steve and thank you for the follow up. I must have just missed your original email so think you for sending again.

We had our initial meeting where I showed our area, talked about our needs and shared some initial ideas. Louis listened, asked clarifying questions and then sent us some estimates to choose from. The onsite crew was great. Always friendly, didn't leave a mess and worked their asses off. 
We have go so much use our of our back yard now. Before we dreaded letting the kids in the yard as they would get dirty or hurt. Now they can just run and play. We have some wear spots in the lawn but overall its holding up. May need to add in some more bark in areas but it is much nicer then before 

We were just talking that we are going to need to look into having you take care of our side yard in the future as well.


Oct 29, 2014

Hi Steve,

Every time I look out my patio door my spirits are lifted. The plants are happy, the check-ups are good, and I am so glad that I chose your company. I promise to get on Angie's List as soon as I can so other people will know too!

San Leandro

Oct 27, 2014

Hi Steve,

Thank you for following up with us. As always, Artemio and his crew exceeded our expectations. The yard looks so much cleaner and alive with the new plants and overall clean up. Unfortunately we could not do everything we wanted due to budgetary constraints on our end. We really appreciate you working with us on pricing. Hopefully we can continue our beautification project next year.

Louis was very easy to work with. He is attentive and follows up on pending issues. My only suggestion would be that he introduce us to the types of plants that are being install. Not that I would have any objections, but I would like to know the names (if someone should ask) and if they flower.  Louis did let me know, via email, that about 2/3 of the plants would flower.

Thank you again for all you help.

Cindy and Myron

Oct 16, 2014

Hi Steve,

Thank you for all the work you have done and the continued great service with your lawn care. We only had one plant die and will replace it next spring and we only had one issue with the sprinkler head which we will have your team look at on the next quarterly visit.

We were also so impressed with the grass you chose, we water 3x a week and it stayed green. We also got our water bill and it was less then when we watered before the new work. So thanks.

Thanks again, we really love how it has grown in. 

Also want to give a great shout to Jack and all the team from My Gardener

Justine & David.

Oct 16, 2014


Dale and I just want to let you know how happy we are with our "new" front yard.  It is so much cleaner without that bush and the old fern.  We like the plants (as well as the choice of Japanese maple) and the rock border looks great.

Louis -- thank you for handling our last-minute decision to put the rock border on both sides of the walkway.  We appreciate that you were able to get the stones today.

As always, your guys are great.  I recognized Hugo from our last job.  Both of your employees checked with us throughout the time they were here to let us know what they were doing and to make sure it was what we wanted.

We will be in touch in early spring next year.  We want to get you scheduled for maintenance of the backyard and to do some pruning.

Can't say enough about the level of customer service you provide and the quality of your work.  Please feel free to use us as references.  We will continue to recommend Hansen Landscape to everyone.

Thanks again.


Oct 14, 2014

Hi Steve,

We are thrilled with the project! What a transformation. You and your crew, from start to finish, did a fabulous job.

We would be happy to be on your referral list.

Thanks again!


Sept 25, 2014

Hi Steve,

We were really happy with our experience with Louis and the rest of your team, and are very pleased with the work you all did. We will be connecting with you again, once we are ready to continue our landscaping improvements. Thanks again!!


Sept 13, 2014

Hi Steve,

The deck looks Fabulous. Robert is a real pro. The patio is nice as well. Waiting for estimate on the gates and also some advice on reinforcing section if fence in the 'shed' area as well closing gap between posts and fence. Jack is working with me on that. He too, has been excellent to work with.

San Lorenzo

Sept 6, 2014

Hey Steve,

I’m completely thrilled! Your staff is very considerate and friendly. They have all done a wonderful job.

I’ll be happy to recommend you to anyone who asks, or show off the garden to anyone who would like to drive by for a look.


March 14, 2014

Hi Steve.

We love the new landscaping, very happy with it. It is very pretty, especially at night with the lights on. It looks so much better than what we had before. You did a great job designing it. As I mentioned before, your crew are very hard-working, nice individuals. You are lucky to have them on your team. And thank you for sending a mason to fix the crack at the end of the driveway. The mason completed the work this morning.

We love the annuals you planted as they add so much color. Happy to have them in our landscaping.
Castro Valley

March 13, 2014

Hi Steve.

Chris and I would like to thank you for the additional plants Jack brought yesterday. Your crew installed them today and we are very happy with the final outcome. We appreciate your kindness in giving us extra plants.

It was a such a pleasure working with you. Communication is big in my book. Jack kept us informed of when your crew would be coming out and what was happening every day. I liked that. Both you and Jack returned e-mails and phone calls promptly, and you were willing to work with us if we had any concerns. Your customer service is exemplary.

We will recommend you to any of our friends who are looking for landscaping services. If you have clients that would like to talk with any of your past clients to get a recommendation, give them my name and phone number.

Many thanks - Cathy
Castro Valley

March 4, 2014

I LOVE the service and beautiful work Hansen's always provides.
I have worked with Louis, 3 times, and have been satisfied, every time ( so are my neighbors, who get to look at my beautiful yard).

I can tell you they show up, when they say they will.
Louis isn't happy unless, you are happy.
He will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

After the project is complete, they call you back to follow up, really, who does that?

Great Company!
Gretchen K

March 4, 2014

Hello Steve,

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how happy we are with the project of our backyard that was just completed.

The design you provided is perfect, the quality well worth the investment, and your staff was very professional.

In particular I want to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with Louis. From beginning to end he was available to answer all of our questions, quickly replied to all of our communications, actioned on all of our callouts whether big or small and was professional through and through.
We are looking forward to enjoying the garden this summer and watching the plants fill in. And as soon as we are ready to tackle the front yard we will definitely call on Hansen.

Thanks Again
Kassie and Rob

Hi Steve,

We are extremely happy with the work you did for us. Everyone who worked on the project was super nice and kept us informed about what was happening and the work timeline. The finished project certainly exceeded our expectations in quality and beauty.

Thanks to you again for a wonderful job! We love it!

Carole and Doug

Hello Mr. Hansen,

Just thought I would give you heads up on what we will be posting on Angie's list and Yelp. Its been a pleasure working with your crew.
See post below:

Due to the drought situation here in the bay area, my wife and I decided to remove our grass lawn and replace it with lava rocks and some drought resistant plants. We wanted a contractor that is Diamond Certified and we came across Hansen Landscaping. We liked the other projects we saw on their web site and decided to go with them. They are friendly, courteous, and very professional. We discussed what we wanted and they formulated a plan to complete everything in a single day. Once the job was finished they said they will be out to inspect the work on a scheduled basis (1 week – 2 weeks – 1 month and 3 months) and if we had any problems to let them know. In addition, EBMUD offered us a rebate for converting our lawn to help with water conservation. My wife and I enjoyed working with Hansen Landscaping and look forward to using them again in the future.

Niles & Haruko
San Leandro, Ca

Hi, Steve.

Your crew is AMAZING!!!!!!!!
I am not even sure where to begin. I even fired up my personal laptop on Friday pm to send this to you.

The crew got in all 11 trees today! This crew is awesome at problem solving and is highly productive. It truly is unbelievable! I am very, very impressed.

Jack is also incredibly responsive as the project manager.

So far, they have all greatly exceeded expectations!

I just wanted you to know that all 4 of them have earned the greatest praise based on the work that they achieved here this week.


“From our company office manager”

OMG STEVE!!! Our yard looks FANTASTIC! AMAZING! WHAT A TRANSFORMATION! No wonder our customers love us! Way beyond anything we were expecting!!! I almost feel guilty it looks so good. :)
It was exciting to be part of a landscape project. I have worked with you for so long, yet, I never got to experience what our other customers always gushed about. To see an absolutely ugly yard be transformed into a thing of beauty is truly exciting. Now I know the feeling and all I can say is WOW! Truly WOW! I mean it. Bruce & Curtis are totally blown away too. They keep going outside and saying "Wow". Really, I'm serious.

Thank you so much. All I wanted was lawn seed, but, I got so much more. So much more!!!! LOL

Castro Valley

Hi Steve,
I can't tell you how happy I am with everything. It is such a relief to have the job done and done so well. I can't remember whether I talked to Jack or Peter about getting a price on doing the driveway and repairing the lifted square in the sideswalk. Maybe that would be a seperate job.

I'm so happy with the brick work. I was afraid to use the walk but now it us safe and beautiful. It has been a pleasure to have your crew here. Many thanks to all.

Arden G.
Castro Valley

Hi Steve,
I called Louis, and he coordinated the necessary fixes. Things are good. I’m very happy. I was very impressed with Robert and Martin. They worked very hard, and it was hard work. I started your gardening service last week so hopefully plants will flourish and everything will continue to be fine. Marcia is a pleasure to work with. The rest of your staff is very responsive. You’ve done a great job with your staff.

Robert and Martin worked very hard.

Castro Valley

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your note asking if there are any loose ends regarding the project at our home here in Danville. The work generally went very smoothly and looks great! Peter and Jack were helpful and easy to work with on the planning discussions, and Artemio and his crew were consistently thorough, timely, and considerate. The finished work looks terrific, including the sod installation in the back, which appears just about seamless and very healthy. A couple of additional low-voltage spotlights in the back yard that Artemio installed (one a replacement, one a new lamp) are working beautifully and add a great touch at night.


Good morning Steve, sorry it took so long to reply. Yes, I am VERY PLEASED and Thank You So Much. Pedro Cement and Crew were professional and cleaned up after work was completed. My neighbor was very happy that they rinsed off his old van and the area that was used for materials in front of their place. I am pleased with their work. The crew of Robert, his assistant and Hugo did an exceptional carpentry job on the shed and the opening at the bottom of the fence and painting the shed. After watching them install the landscape materials and plants, I know now all what must be done before installing the plants. Jack was so comforting to work with. He answered questions, very knowledgeable about my plants, and kept in touched. I am so looking forward to their growth and the colors that will bloom. A friend of mine commented on the selection and placement of the plants said," this Guy knows His Stuff". Then You and Peter were so wonderful to work with and "Thank You" to both of You for holding my hand through the Proposal Decisions. Everything did turnout nice as You promised. Yes, Yes, Yes I will recommend Hansen Landscape Contractor to others!

Thank you.

I remember you telling us about how we will enjoy our first morning in our new backyard with our cup of coffee! Well, today is that day!!!! I am just sitting here looking around at everything in awe!!! It is much more than I imagined! And it all happened in time for Sunday!!! Amazing. Thank you for making it all come together.

Thank you.
Castro Valley

I would like to thank you and your crew for the excellent work done at my home today. Your crew worked very hard, and the work they accomplished was beyond expectations.

Thank you.
Mike and Debbie

I look forward to a long relationship with your crew. Very happy that I found you online. The process of getting our gardening set up was surprisingly fast and easy.


Dear Steve,

I wanted to tell you that Albert & Andrew with My Gardener are outstanding workers. I am so happy with the work they did to my yards and can't praise them enough.

They were very polite and respectful, and I will definitely request them in the future.

Thank you for the excellent service your company provides.


Castro Valley

Hi Marcia,

Please thank Albert and Andy for doing such a nice job on the lavender in the front of the house. We would like them to do the same thing on the side front of the house next time.

We had a nice note from them saying they fertilized the plants today. That was a nice surprise.

We are pleased with their service. From time to time we request things, but generally they know what needs to be done and do it without our asking. We also get help from Jack and Manu for special planting projects and have been pleased with their work too. We can tell that Manu really loves what he does.

We don’t know how they do what they do in the heat, but it doesn’t seem to slow them down.

Dave and Lisa

We remain delighted with Hansen Landscape and My Gardener. Andy, Alberto, and Luis take great care of our yard. In the rare case that our sprinklers need work, AAA Sprinkler is the first person I call.

Hansen recently performed a landscape refresh, new bark, plants, it’s like a whole new yard. I posted some pictures of the result to my Google Plus page, my coworkers gushed effusively (and a bit jealously).

And yes I jump on any chance I can to recommend Hansen to friends and coworkers.

Castro Valley

Steve, Our yard looks terrific. Artemio, Raul and Hugo did a great job in transforming the look of the front of our house. They were skilled and efficient. We appreciate your effort in getting the project done before the weekend. Our guests commented on how nice our yard looked. We asked Jack for a list of the plants used in our yard, and he provided that with our final bill.

We would definitely recommend your work to others. The job was done the third day before we arrived home, and we immediately noticed how immaculate it was left. Please pass our thanks to Artemio, Raul and Hugo.

Greg & Sue/Dublin

I loved two things. I loved the fact that they were very budget sensitive. He was the only contractor who didn't try to up-sell me. He and his team followed up. The work they did included some sod, which they made sure it hadn't died. To my surprise, they were checking on the work three months later when I got a phone call from them. I think they did very well.


Steve, Your guys did an exceptional job and left the place cleaner than I had it before they came. Manu replaced all the sprinkler valves, connected them all up to the timer and took the time to show me how to work it. The drain was fixed quickly and I can’t believe how they dug it all up without breaking any of the adjacent sprinkler pipes.

Thank you to all – I was extremely pleased with the whole experience.

Sergio/Castro Valley

Hi Steve,

Yes! It looks awesome.

It's been so many years without a backyard. It's so nice to look out and see it FINALLY complete. The entire project went so fast and it looks just as you said it would.

Thanks again!!

Sandy and Jim/Castro Valley

Steve-Thanks so much for the repair work your crew did. The shelf looks brand new! Again, it's been a pleasure dealing with a company that backs their work!! If you need a recommondation of your work by all means contact us. Again thanks!

Mark and Chris/San Lorenzo

Happy doesn't come close. I worked from home yesterday so I could give access to the sprinkler controls in the garage and saw first hand how hard your guys work. They remember the little things and obviously take pride in their work. I love the plants you chose and how they are spread across the area. The rock is perfect, not too much, not too little. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing to help him and me. I truly appreciate it.

I think I probably owe you some money. :) How would you like me to get that to you?

Thanks again.

We just wanted to let you know that the guys did a great job yesterday with all the tasks we asked to have done. The yard looks very refreshed and ready for a summer full of fun!
Thanks so much.
Castro Valley, CA

I'm an ecstatically happy customer and just thrilled with everything you've done. Your slogan is perfect for you --- without absolutely any BS or overstatement included... "The Ones you can Recommend." Even though all the work is done for now, I hope we can keep in touch.

Kristie and Hilary
Pleasanton, CA

The work done by your crew was first-rate from start to finish. The crew was courteous and had continuity throughout the job. Your foreman, Jack, did a great job of following up with us. We would not hesitate to request your services again.

Thank you.
Ric and Gail Mosley
Dublin, CA

We are very pleased with the work done and have had an excellent experience with Hansen Landscape. You can trust them. Every step was clearly explained. Emails were promptly answered and the work well done in record time. They listened carefully to our needs and understood well our budget. We highly recommend them!

Alain & SiewLian LeRoy
Oakland, CA

Brown Residence/Fremont

Yes, I am very happy. They are just finishing up now. Louis has been wonderful. He has checked with me and worked with me all through the job. (all the workers have been pleasant and good workers.)

Before you got here, dealing with the front yard was a painful process. I am so thankful Sharon and Bruce recommended you so I didn't have to workl with a less-qualified company.

Th free-form garden is lovely. It was a nice gesture to send the pansies; I will replant some next year

I wish I had a couple larger spikey plants, but Louis assures me the plants will grow to twice the size or more, and I want to stay with the price we agreed upon.

You are such a professional company I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Hi Steve,

I did get your voice message. The yard looks great, my mom is so pleased she loves it. She was impressed that Louis and his helper sorry forgot his name!! was so neat and cleaned up after themselves everyday they left.

You have a great team of workers and we will highly recommend you to friends and family. I can't thank you enough for the job well done and also for your personal touch and helpfulness.seeing my mom happy brings tears to my eyes.

Thank you....
Megan and Mom



We are ECSTATIC with the project. I was going to send you an email later today.

We can't thank you and your team enough for the fabulous landscape you created in our front and side yards. We are thrilled with the result. I couldn't stop looking at it last night and I spent some time outside this morning before work admiring the garden. It exceeded our expectations, which were high.

Your staff was wonderful, extremely talented and a pleasure to work with. We'll definitely use you guys again when we landscape our back yard a few years from now.

Fred is taking photos of the garden to send to all of our friends and neighbors. We're recommending you guys to all of our friends and hope that we can get you some additional business in the City.

Many thanks,
Lynn & Fred

San Francisco

Wlison Family

Hi Steve,

We are more than happy with the results of the project. The shed was installed last Friday and with the beautiful site prep, it integrates just magnificently with our home and existing landscaping. I can't say enough about the great work that Louis and the others did from start to finish on this job and my husband Tom and I have already begun planning the next project that we hope to do with the help of Hansen Landscape.
Have a great day.


Herring Family
San Ramon

Hi Steve,

Yes we are thrilled with the project.  Thank you very much.  The back yard looks beautiful and we were very happy with your service.  We’ll let you know as soon as we get enough money saved up for that water feature.  :o)

We’ll also let you know if anything comes up that we have questions about.


Roger Askling/Fremont

Steve designed a beautiful landscape, stayed within budget and time frames, and built it according to plan with no surprises. Jack, the project manager engaged coordinated, and monitored all the tradesmen. He handled any issues and kept me informed at all times. The concrete workers performed the demolition and construction with blazing speed. The carpenter's work was excellent. I had so much confidence in Steve that I gave him complete artist freedom on the selection and placement of the softscape. There's no way this would have happened without Steve and his team. Steve's personal attention and multiple follow-ups reinforced my decision to engage his firm. Steve Hansen has my full recommendation.


Sharon B/Danville

Hi Steve, I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE our new yard! You did an amazing job designing and planning our front and back yards and your guys did a fantastic job carrying out your plans. We've had so many compliments on it in the short period of time it's been done. Thank you for creating something that we love and are so proud of. I smile everytime I look out the back window and when I drive up to our home. Thank you! Sharon


Terry/Castro Valley

Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did and the excellent service you provided. Your communication was outstanding, you met every time goal perfectly. And, I absolutely love the project. Jack, I appreciated your offer to install more plants if I wanted them but I'm perfectly happy with it as is. I have always had a tendency to overplant and I'd prefer to be patient. All of these succulents will grow and eventually take up a lot more space.

Steve, I love how you put the stacked rocks as you might see in a Japanese garden. And the planting of some succulents on the rock wall was a nice touch too.

I didn't know the name of your crew member who did the stone path at the opposite end of the garden but I couldn't not be happier with it. It's perfect. He was a very hard worker and extremely conscientious. Please let him know that I really appreciate his work, his talent, and his work ethic.

I find myself going out there pretty often, even looking out my windows to admire your work.

Thank you very much. You completely "got it" when I tried so poorly to express what I wanted.

Castro Valley


Hi Jack,

Just wanted to thank you and Steve again for everything. The two plants you replaced are looking good. All the other plants and trees are growing like crazy out here -- the backyard looks even better than it looked at the end of last summer and it was stunning then!

Thanks so much for sending Brent out so quickly to fix the board facing the water feature that started to come away from the rest of the deck. He just finished out here --apparently the screw holding that section broke, so he not only replaced that but added a few more for good measure. Have I told you how nice you all are? We could not have a better experience with another contractor.

A Hansen fan,
Juliet Estrella

Sandi Franklin/Livermore

Steve Hansen wrote:
Hey Sandi,
Are you happy with work crew did today?

Sandi wrote:
I'm MEGAa-happy with everything, Steve! Both guys labored non-stop all day long to accomplish what I wanted done. Cleanup was spectacular (as usual) and when they left my yard looked like the Good Garden Fairy had visited with her magic wand.

As always, Manu is a pleasure to work with. He has always been incredibly accommodating, knowledgeable, pleasant and hardworking , so I was happy he was sent out for this project!

Thanks again. Another satisfying experience for me.


Cynthia & Rich/Orinda


Just wanted to let you know that the supplementary french drain and sump pump you installed in our backyard worked like a charm during the last few weeks of near constant rain. Thanks again for a great job on solving our drainage problem while beautifying the front yard.

Cynthia Clearwater/Rich Komatsu -Orinda

From Arnette/Fremont


We're very, very happy with the yard. We enjoyed working with everyone. The cobblestone accents and extra plants are a very nice touch and add a polished finish. The neighbors are slowly walking or driving by to see our beautiful landscape. We spend a lot of time in the backyard admiring it all. We can't wait until Spring when the plants will begin to grow and really bloom.

We would like to use "My Gardner". When do you suggest we start and how much time do you think is required to start off? I don't believe there are any items outstanding. We met with Artemio today. He went over the sprinkler system, lighting and water feature with us. He also added some rocks to the top of the water feature and fine tuned the sprinklers.

Thank you for everything. We are truly in awe of everything. When the fruit trees come in, I'll pick them up and give Jack a call.

From Jenny/Fremont

Hansen Landscape did a fabulous installation for me despite a limited budget.  From design to execution, everything was 100 percent professional and on schedule.  I never thought my yard could look so good!  

Steve is a pleasure to work with and his crews are top notch.  They have also been great in terms of follow up and definitely have gone above and beyond to make sure I'm happy with the final product.  I can't recommend them highly enough, and look forward to future projects with them.


From Juliet and Mark/Fremont

Hi Steve,

Please find attached our filled out survey that we received at the end of the project.

Thank you again for everything.

You and your talented crew literally transformed our backyard! Before, we rarely spent time out there. Now, we can't wait to take every opportunity we can to enjoy the relaxing oasis you've all worked hard to create for us. It is so gratifying to hear from friends and family that they are impressed with our new backyard. Parts of the yard were once unused and now the whole space has become a wonderful extension of our living space!

Our entire experience working with Hansen Landscape has been a pleasure -- from meeting with you and getting your feedback and ideas to the demolition of our old deck and the built-in planters up to the final touches as the whole project was completed. We'd like to thank your crew for always keeping their equipment and materials as out of the way as possible whenever they were not working on the project. We'd also like to thank your crew for keeping everything neat and clean after each phase. We have heard from others who have not had the same positive experience with their landscape contractors.

We'd like to make sure that you know how wonderful everyone on your crew has been: Manu and his demolition crew quickly and neatly took apart everything that was not going to stay and cleaned up so well that we hardly recognized the area. Artemio and his landscape team built a gorgeous water feature and landscaped the rest of the yard beautifully. When we decided to upgrade with the moss rock garden walls instead of using the synthetic wood borders, we had no idea how stunning it would turn out and how much dimension it added to the whole space. We really like how well Artemio and his team blended the moss rock garden walls with the section of built-in planters that we opted to keep. We love the various plants and trees you selected and how inviting the placement of everything turned out. It was nice to see the care and attention to detail Artemio and his crew took to make sure all the sprinklers and drips were covering all the new plants. We love how the arbors turned out. We enjoyed and appreciated the open communication with Michael regarding the specific design for the arbors. Michael's and Brent's flexibility and additional input regarding various aspects of the arbors, decking and benches really helped us obtain the best outcome for those features. We're also glad we agreed to add the low voltage pathlights and spotlighting that you recommended -- it helps extend the timeframe during which we can fully enjoy our additional living space! Jack is a wonderful project manager who has really been great to work with -- he is very responsive to all questions and concerns, no matter how small or trivial. Jack's willingness and patience in answering questions and dealing with issues during and even after the project is greatly appreciated. Truly, you must take pride in the dedication and professionalism of every member of your team.

We're more than happy to sing your praises because they are well-deserved. It was a pleasure working with all of you.

Juliet and Mark

From Gretta McKenna of Crystal Springs Mgmt/Fremont

I was looking for a company that would repair the stucco patio walls for one of the association's I manage. After contacting over ten companies including an engineering firm, I was told the walls could not be repaired and would need to be replaced. At long last, I contacted and met with Steve Hansen and was delighted with what I heard. With Steve's great communication skills, he explained how he would perform the repairs of which I was able to envision the outcome. I and the association I manage were delighted not only with the final outcome of how the walls looked, but also with the costs of the repairs that totaled only one third of the replacement costs. Not to mention, it was a pleasure working with professionals, such as Steve and his crew.

Thank You & Have a Blessed Life!

Gretta McKenna
Crystal Springs Mgmt
(510) 792-6492

From the Latour Family/Hayward

Steve and Jack,

        I know it's only the middle of February, but I think I can safely say that having you and your team landscape our front yard will be one of (if not the best) decisions we make in 2008. From our first conversation when I showed you through the house and yard, to the last moment when Manu and the crew said 'goodbye' and closed the front gate for one last time, it has been a true pleasure. How often can we say that about having work done on our houses?

As the sun set last night, Derek and I relaxed on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful yard we now have.  We listened to the fountain, admired each of the trees (wondered what they'll look like when they leaf out) and at 6:30 when the lights clicked on, it was like seeing the garden again for the first time.

I cannot tell you how happy we are that we just took your advice with everything.  There is not a single thing that I would change from the boulders to the walls to the lighting, it all combines to make what was a very plain, very ordinary, very boring garden into something that is just a pleasure to behold.  I foresee a future full of outdoor dining, lingering and reading, relaxation and enjoyment.

No letter would be complete without a mention of how thorough, friendly, pleasant and efficient the landscaping crew was. A absolute pleasure to work with. I can't wait till we can get started on phase 2!


From the Kavanaugh Family/Pleasanton

Hi Steve-

Our backyard is beautiful - THANK YOU. Everyone did such a wonderful job and we enjoy it so much. We are starting to get leaves on some of our trees which is very exciting! We can't wait to see how things mature over time. We didn't really realize all that went into landscaping are so happy with the outcome. We were sitting on the upper round patio area over the weekend and noticed how nice it will be when the tree right next to it has leaves and provides shade during the summer. It was obviously your intent but we would have never even thought about such details. It really did turn out so nice.

We look forward to working with you again when we can finally install a water feature. It definitely isn't the time right now. Our 2 year old loves jumping from the top of the boulders and rock wall so I can only imagine what he would do if there was some sort of waterfall. We also want to do something to the front of the house but again not for a while. I have my eye on some new patio furniture that I am saving up for now!!

Thanks for a beautiful backyard! And for the suggestion to buy more mature trees. Well worth the money!!

From the Holbrook family/Pleasanton

Steve, the yard is great!!! We'll be happy when the sod is in but we're still trying to kill as much of that Bermuda grass as possible. The pond and the patio and all the new plants and tree are just beautiful - especially when they're all lit up at night. We're very happy with everything.

Mike built the play house last week and the girls have been having a ball. The first day I think they went out there at 8:30 AM, ate lunch in it and we had to haul them out of there at 2:30 to go out!

Jack and Manu have been wonderful. Every question and concern is always addressed quickly and they have done a great job educating us on our new backyard.

Thanks so much for checking in. Hope all is well with you.

Warm regards,

From the Chin Family/Hayward

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for the work you did on our yard. It looks beautiful! We love everything that you accomplished! The boulders add great interest and everywhere we look we have something wonderful to see. We have truly enjoyed coming home each day and walking around to see what flower has bloomed or which one is going to do so next. Our yard, once something we avoided, is now a place we truly enjoy being. Today we are meeting with the concrete contractor you suggested to us, and we look forward to sprucing up the patio areas so that your wonderful work is more adequately complimented.

I wanted to also let you know how impressed we were with your staff. From our initial consultation with you right down to the final walk thru with Manu, we were treated with the utmost of professionalism. Your installers were a joy to have around, being both personable and informative! They were so kind to our dogs, even going so far as to set up umbrellas for them while they were gated on the side of the house! It's such a simple thing, but it really meant a lot to us. We also appreciated the fact that each day, our site was left clean and clear of all debris.

Finally, I want to say how much we appreciate you sending your pond technician to our home. We are truly grateful for the work that was done in this area. As you know, we were not happy with the waterfall area when you started our project. However, now we are thrilled! The waterfall is fantastic and is a pleasure to see, as well as hear. We look forward to the new plants growing in around and will soon be adding some koi to make it even more lovely.

As for the quote for maintenance, does your price include the front yard also? If not, could you please provide us with an add for it as well?

Thank you again for such a positive experience. We hope to have you out in the near future to help us make our front yard just as beautiful as the back!


Alan & Emily Chin

From Debbie/San Lorenzo

I am very pleased with my backyard landscaping. Your crew was always on time, friendly and considerate of their surroundings. Steve worked with me on the design, gave me tips on how I could complete some tasks myself to stay within my budget and followed through after completion. All in all it was a great experience and I would highly recommend Hansen Landscaping for any job. I can't wait to have you do the front yard next year!


From Lynn/Santa Clara

Hi Steve,

Finally, the weather cooperated and the project for my yard was completed on 1/22/04. YEAH!!!
I wanted to thank you profusely for accepting my yard as one of your projects. You did a wonderful job with the design of such a small space. I'm a visual person so I couldn't picture the finished yard in my head, so I was pleasantly surprised by the finished product. The final result of your design is just lovely. I smile every time I look that tiny yard of mine, and I'm going to enjoy using it when the warm weather comes around. Thank you so much for designing such a lovely yard for my house.

Jack did a tremendous job as the project foreman, and I know that my yard was not the only project he was handling. He always kept me up to date as to when the crew would or would not be at the house. He responded quickly and thoroughly to all my questions, and I had plenty of questions for him. I never had to chase Jack down for anything that I needed. On top of all that, he was always very pleasant to me whenever I contacted him with any issues. I enjoyed working with Jack very much, and I'm sure your future customers will be very happy to have Jack as their foreman. You have a good man in Jack, so I would definitely keep him around for as long as possible.

Manu was an excellent site foreman. He and his crew did a fabulous job on putting in your design. He always left my yard in a very neat and clean state at the end of the day, and that scores big points with me because I am a neat freak. Manu is a very responsible site foreman, and he seems to take pride in what he does. To me those are extremely important qualities in a site foreman because the job done at a site will reflect back on the company and the owner. Please thank Manu for the excellent job that he did as the site foreman for my yard.

I know that I could have gone with a another landscaper at a lower cost to complete my yard, but I also know that I would not have received the same quality of work as I did from Hansen Landscape. As painful as it was to part with the money for this project, it was well worth it at the end because I knew I could trust you to do a superior job without stress.

Kudos to you and your team for doing such an excellent job on my yard. Thank you for treating my little yard as importantly as you would treat a large job.

Lynn Hu

From Bill Richards Click Here

From the Chapman Family/Fremont

Hi Steve,

Everything is humming along just fine. The red maple is leafed out and the green one is just getting started along with the apple tree. A couple of the azaleas have started to bloom and the lavendar and one of the penstemon have buds. I have my seedlings started for the summer annuals and can't wait to see it all fill in. So I guess you could say, it continues as expected and we are enjoying it very much.

Thanks again for everything and especially the wisdom in removing that one section of concrete. That made it all possible.


From the Hu Residence/Sunnyvale

Hey Steve!!

WOW!!! WOWWW!!! WOWWWWWWWW!!! My new yard is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!

This is the second yard you and your crew have done for me in 4 years, and I am so lucky that you were still willing to travel to the South Bay. After you and I met at my house, you drew up a a fantastic design for me. I just loved it, but I had a set budget I needed to follow, so I could not have you do everything you had drawn up in the design. You worked patiently with me to get the cost of the landscaping as close to my budget as possible while giving me what I wanted. I so appreciate your patience and your willingness to work through this with me.

Even though I had wanted to eliminate the lighting system, you convinced me not to do so because based on your experience the lights added so much beauty to the yard at night. So with some trepidation, I followed your advice and kept the lights, and I am so happy I did!! You were absolutely right about the lights!!! The first time I saw my yard lit up at night, I went "WOW!! It's beautiful!! I am so glad Steve convinced me to keep the lights in the plan!" Thank you!

Although I trusted you and your design, I am a worry wort by nature. Before the yard had been completed, I had some concerns with the aesthetic effects of some rocks and boulders in the yard. When I raised the concerns to you, you were kind enough to look into it for me. However, once I saw the finished landscaping, I realized I had worried for nothing because those rocks and boulders looked awesome!! If I ever have you landscape another yard for me, I will just keep my mouth shut while the yard is being completed. :))

Your crew was once again, FANNNNTASTIC!!! Your project manager, Jack Forshaw, was friendly and very easy to work with. I never had to chase him down for an update because he promptly kept me up to date on all matters relating to the job. He patiently answered all my questions and resolved every issue I brought to him. Having Jack as your project manager made the entire landscape process run so smoothly and thus eliminated any stress for me. Please thank Jack for being so nice and patient.

Artemio and his crew did such an awesome job interpreting your design!! He did such a beautiful job with everything in the yard. The pond is glorious. I love the pot he picked out for the spill pot, and I love how he put the spill pot area together. I'm amazed at the small clusters of rocks he placed around the yard to hide the spot lights or just for aesthetic reasons; simple elegance is what I love, and these little clusters added exactly that to the yard. On top of all that, he and the crew cleaned up the yard, the driveway, and the street on a daily basis. I am a clean freak so I was duly impressed by their fastidiousness. Please thank Artemio and his crew for doing such an excellent and beautiful job with my yard.

I knew from my first experience with you that I could simply trust Hansen Landscape to do the job right, and you have confirmed my trust in you, once again. I had loved your work on my first yard, but this second yard is even more beautiful than the first!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

If you ever need a reference, I'll be more than happy to be a walking billboard for you.

Lynn Hu



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